Things not going well with our management ?


Holding your superiors responsible will not solve anything. Quitting your job either. You are only avoiding looking inside yourself for the problem. And an unresolved problem is a problem that is going to return.



Are you faced with these problems ?

Situation 1

Luc has always had influence in the company, but the new CEO has stopped consulting him and takes major decisions without him. Luc feels he is losing steam and has been sidelined.

How to stay in the race ?
Situation 2

Natacha has a responsible job. She sometimes needs to talk to his boss, but he is hardly ever available and forgets to give Natacha important information. Natacha feels uncomfortable with him and increasingly less motivated.

How does you ensure respect ?
Situation 3

James is an experienced and recognised Senior Manager, but he feels increasingly cramped by an overbearing line manager. He is finding it hard to assert himself and is feeling less and less credible.

How does he re-establish himself ?

For whom

Executives, top managers, corporate decision-makers who are experiencing difficulties with their management, local, national or international, and who are looking for a practical, effective method to overcome this obstacle and continue to advance in their career.

With what

Defined practical actions at every coaching session that push you out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your objective. You have everything that you need within you to confront this destabilising situation. I have the skills and techniques to help you to access your resources, and the drive and attentiveness needed to support you through this development process.


In under 3 months, you will learn fully to exploit your skills and use your power to overcome that which is causing you problems. You will be able to transform a situation that is holding you back into a development opportunity.

The LIFT method - Looking Inside For Truth

The LIFT coaching method – Looking Inside For Truth – allows high objectives to be achieved in under 3 months thanks to a combination of powerful tools.
About LIFT

You don't quit a company, you quit a manager !

Over 50% of departures are down to a poor relationship with a manager.
(Dr. Travis Bradberry, author of the best-selling Emotional Intelligence 2.0).

According to a study carried out by the American Psychological Association, 75% of employees surveyed say that they feel stressed when their boss is in the vicinity.

65% of employees would forego a wage rise to see their boss replaced (Forbes).

86% of managers think that they are good at leading people, 82% of their employees think they are poor at it (McKinsey survey).






Senior Trader de pétrole

The coaching sessions with Stéphanie were a valuable aid in confronting my professional challenges in a very competitive sector. Whilst these professional challenges remain obviously unchanged, the way that I approach them is now much developed and far more positive. Stéphanie has really helped me to understand my own barriers and how to sort them and move on. My development has also led me to change company, although that was not at all the initial objective. I particularly appreciate Stéphanie’s true attentiveness, which showed in her ability to store up points raised and bring them to bear at the right time in subsequent sessions.


Cadre supérieur Marketing / Entrepreneur

I had the chance to work with Stephanie when she was still working in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi and more recently I worked with her on a professional coaching program. Stephanie is the best listener I have ever met, she has more empathy than most people I know.

She has become a solid reference in business coaching in the Geneva area thanks to more than 10 years experience. I like her approach that is very much action oriented, she helps you set a vision and will work with you to get there.

I would highly recommend her as business coach, your life might change faster than you thought!


Partner in Financial Consultancy

Following her coaching, I have greater respect for myself plus. Work less. Devote more time to those closest to me and to myself. I am ready to accept what I deserve and I have finally achieved balance between the world and me.

Stéphane Reverdy

Methods Manager - Watchmaking

Intent on working on myself to achieve my objective, in Stéphanie I found attentiveness and useful solutions to apply in my professional and private life. Since this coaching, I feel balanced and calm as I face up to the future challenges in my career. I took full advantage of these coaching sessions to reflect and grow. I can strongly recommend Stéphanie for the quality of her work and her professionalism.

M. Chevalier

Director of the Master's Degree in Digital Marketing & Communication at CREA Geneva

I had the opportunity to be supported by Stéphanie, who coaches in Geneva, at a time when my life made an about-turn, both in my career and in my private affairs. Every piece of the jigsaw had to be picked up and fitted into a new framework. The decisions that I would take would have a major impact both on my professional and personal life. Stéphanie supported me throughout this period of reflection. These coaching sessions were a blend of intense discussions and practical exercises. After the coaching, the results came: I recovered and maintained the self-confidence needed to progress and the power to steer my career in the desired direction whilst offering a secure environment for my family. In each coaching session, Stéphanie adapted her method to a specific subject that I had defined in advance. Stéphanie has been shown unfailing support during this transition phase.


Private Banking department manager 

Personally, I appreciated the positive side of this support, which helped me to become aware of my resources and capacities without necessarily focusing on my past. The practical/role play sessions were especially useful. I’m able to restrict my negative, devaluing thoughts and give room to a constructive state of mind. 


Director Luxury Hotel sector

Stéphanie helped me to get my priorities in order and focus on what really gives meaning to my actions, hence to my life.



Mon expérience en coaching avec Stéphanie a contribué à modifier mon approche et ma vision de mon activité professionnelle. J’ai appris à mieux me situer au sein de la société pour laquelle je travaillais à l’époque. J’ai notamment compris la différence entre implication professionnelle et implication émotionnelle, ce qui m’a beaucoup aidé à ce moment-là et pour la suite de ma carrière. Je récolte aujourd’hui encore, dans mon activité indépendante, les fruits de son enseignement.


Account Executive Public Relations

Meeting Stéphanie was a decisive point in my life, I owe her a great deal. In just one coaching session, she unlocked a key element which allowed me to understand my barriers and self-sabotaging behaviours. I strongly recommend her, because Stéphanie is not just a professional coach who is passionate about her work, who is expert in the techniques of the coach’s profession, she is also a compassionate woman, full of altruism, kindness and serenity which transports us to a new space when we visit her coaching room in Geneva.


EMEA Brand Manager

The coaching sessions with Stéphanie gave me a great deal, both on personal and a professional level. What really took me forward was being able to give a rational explanation of my thoughts and/or reactions. Everything made sense and thus became reassuring. She also gave me several tools that I can use every day to assert myself better, respect myself and give me confidence. I learned more in a single coaching session with Stéphanie than I would have in months of conventional therapy.

About the LIFT method