Who am I ?

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After a university degree in social sciences, I worked for 10 years in public relations and advertising agencies (Trimedia Communications and Saatchi & Saatchi Simko). In this intense, competitive environment, I had tremendous professional and personal experiences. What I learned there about human relationships and about the way I myself work led me to a transformation. That’s when I began to take formal training in NLP, Coaching, Systemic and Inner Child methods.

In 2009, with two colleagues I set up “le bien et l’être”, a personal development space in Geneva. There, I practised as a coach until the end of 2018 (Coaching Genève).

Since 2010, I have taught the personal development module at the CREA college.

At the start of 2019, I opened my Executive Coaching practice in the Quartier des Banques in Geneva.

To date, I have supported almost 500 people towards change and the expression of their full potential.


Why did I opt for coaching ?

Because for me it is great to be able to provide an impetus to another person. For me, that is the coach’s role.

Cause someone to discover another “me” by posing surprising questions. Get him/her to change behavioural habits by, together, carrying out practical exercises on the source of the problem.

As humans, we are often self-critical and demand much of ourselves. So I find that a solution-focused support technique – which teaches us to stress our strong points and to develop our natural talents – is very constructive because it is rewarding.

I am especially interested in relationships in the professional world, because a company resembles a mini-society where people constantly interact. An ideal context for learning how each of us work. Especially when the relationship with the other person is difficult. This can be destabilising, but it represents an opportunity to know yourself better and to begin a process of transformation. What do I feel when I am confronted with this person? Coaching as I practise it pushes the individual to question themselves and look at themselves in their entirety: what I am comfortable with and what I am less comfortable with. Daring to face up to and embracing our vulnerability changes our relationship with ourselves and with others. An effective solution for accessing your full potential and for leaving behind the frustrationof always being too much or of never being enough.

You are enough!



Formation sur l’Enfant Intérieur à Genève avec Farida Benet


Formation de Psychogénéalogie et Constellations Systémiques à Genève avec Farida Benet


Ecole Evolution & Synergie à Avignon - Maître Praticien PNL certifié Eduqua/INLPTA


Ecole Evolution & Synergie à Genève - Coach certifié Eduqua/INLPTA


Ecole Brief’r - Praticien PNL certifié Eduqua/INLPTA


SAWI - Cours de formation à la rédaction et conception publicitaire


Université de Lausanne, Faculté des Sciences Sociales et Politiques
, Licence ès Sciences Sociales


Collège Claparède à Genève, section moderne. Maturité type D, mention bien, prix d’allemand de la section moderne